There are two benefits of buying from us. Firstly, you are supporting Kenyan craftspeople by buying their goods and thus providing them with a living. We source the goods directly from the artisans on our regular buying trips to Kenya.

Secondly, all profits from the sale of each item go directly to the charity Food For Thought Africa. And thirdly you get to buy and exquisite range of craft jewellery at very reasonable prices.



Food For Thought currently supports the following projects in Kenya:

Feeding Programmes: We are currently feeding more than 1,000 children a month in a nursery, primary and secondary school. The feeding programme provides much needed nutrition to the children. The meals also act as an encouragement for the children to go to school thus increasing their prospects in life by giving them an education. Just £1.50 can feed a child for one month and gives them the opportunity to get themselves out of poverty for good.

Scholarship Programme: Primary Education is free in Kenya, but secondary education needs to be paid for. The cost is beyond the means of a lot of families and a lot of kids miss out. To help out we set up a scholarship programme in the primary school where we run our feeding programme and we have now extended this to schools throughout Nairobi. Each year we award scholarships to the best performing students. This encourages the kids to study more and gives the whole school hope. It costs £500 a year for each scholarship, and we currently support 40 children.


Food For Thought is a Northern Ireland based charity set up and run by Maeve Marnell and Denise Kennedy. We have direct involvement and oversight into all the projects we support. We also do not take any wages thus ensuring that any money you give us goes straight to the people who need it most.

To find out more about us click the link below to visit out mainsite: www.foodforthoughtafrica.org